July 12, 2012#

Sold on SilverStripe

I’ve been working in SilverStripe for the last 3 months and have fallen completely for the CMS/Framework.

I have been working in Joomla for several years now and I have struggled with its lack of development continuity.

I came across SilverStripe after it being recommended several times by a friend of my work colleagues. The learning curve for SilverStripe is very small and within a couple of hours I already had good grasp of the administration and  extending the core code to develop custom solutions. Extending a SilverStripe site centers around its core ORM. After developing a new Object called a DataObject in SS, you can define a set of static variables which map to a database table after running the build process on the site. So simple and fast that your can have a site with advanced features up and running with full CRUD commands accessible through a great UI within hours.

I am currently in the process of moving all sites at Stray and Spaceships over to SilverStripe so watch this space for further developments and learnings of the fantastic framework.

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